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G4 Experience - Joe Satriani

www.musichotz.com - G4 Experience yang diadakan oleh Joe Satriani akan di gelar pada tanggal 3 - 7 Januari 2019 , di Hotel Zoso Palm Springs CA. Ada beberapa musisi khususnya gitaris yang akan ikut meramaikan acara tersebut Seperti Bumblefoot, Kiko, Lari.

Seperti yang dikutip dari www.guitarworld.com , Five years ago, I went into our first G4 Experience kicking and screaming. I don’t really like putting on clinics. Clinics can be very dry, very clinical. I don’t want to show up at a guitar store, sit on a folding chair and talk about finger exercises. My thing is putting on a concert. We invented the G4 Experience with the idea that we could do both – we could spend our days together doing clinics and interactive jams, and then every night put on a concert featuring myself and all of the players that allow students to see a show up close in a very intimate way. It’s the ultimate VIP experience. You’re right there with us as we’re putting on concerts right in front of you.

The students that have come to the first four G4 Experiences have been as unique and eclectic as you could imagine so for this fifth anniversary G4 I put together a team of instructors that really reflects that diverse nature. The lineup this year is probably our best yet – we’ll be joined by some really legendary players, including Carlos Alomar, Bumblefoot, Kiko Loreiro, and Lari Basilio, with special visits from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members Neil Schon and Rick Nielsen.

Every single one of these musicians is completely different, despite the fact that we’re all playing the same twelve notes. It’s amazing how different we each make them sound when we play them. It’s not only a reflection of the mechanics or the equipment or the music theory, but of the personality. So I want to show you how different Bumblefoot is from Carlos Alomar, what makes Kiko play like Kiko and Lari play like Lari.

There’s so much to talk about, so much we want to show you. When you get a chance to stand next to a superstar like Neal Schon or Rick Nielsen, that is when you learn the most. Getting to talk to these amazing musicians, getting to ask them questions, getting the details of how they do things. Our instructors this year can transfer to the students all of the information they’ve gained playing arenas and stadiums, working with supergroups, and so much more. The experiences they’ve had playing with Journey and Cheap Trick and Megadeth and Guns n’ Roses and David Bowie are so unique; it gives the students real perspective. You don’t just get ‘put your finger here’ exercises – you get real-world knowledge that very few of us actually get to experience for ourselves.

My band – Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller, and Joe Travers – really round out the G4 Experience. They can shine a light on what it’s like being in my band, touring and making records. Then you get to see them mix it up and back up all of the other guitar players, a huge lesson in experience and flexibility.

I get a selfish kick out of the whole thing. Like my G3 concert series, I get so excited from standing next to people who can do things on the guitar that I can’t. I’ve been even more thrilled by the incredible variety of folks who attend G4. People come from all over the world – kids who want to be shredders or are totally obsessed with blues guitar, older players who like pop or metal or who knows? It’s so cool to see them mix it up among themselves. Peer to peer relationships are extremely important. One of my main messages for the G4 Experience is to encourage guitar players to create your own community, to be a part of something, to make as many musician friends as possible, to share and exchange. Don’t just stay in your basement with the Internet; YouTube is not a substitute for a real, live audience. The job of a musician is to play music for people. That’s part of what you’re going to learn at the G4 Experience – we’re people and we’re going to show you how to play music for people.

I’ve grown to really look forward to the G4. It’s so exciting, getting to be so totally immersed and getting to be so close to these great players. You never know what’s going to happen and at the end of the week you’ll think, I went somewhere beautiful, I had fun, I made some new friends, and I grew as a musician. And there’s nothing better than that.”

– Joe Satriani, May 2018
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